Tom Smith

At forty years old, my wife decided that she wanted my chest to be hair free and smooth to touch. Reluctantly, I agreed, mainly to make her happy. My wife had heard about iLuvo through a friend and booked me in for a free consultation and patch test. I was quite sceptical about the claims that they could offer a painless and permanent hair removal solution but anything had to be better than going through waxing.

Upon our consultation with iLuvo, I was asked numerous personal questions and I was given plenty of information about the service, technology, and process that I would be undergoing. I was given plenty of opportunity to ask questions related to the service and found the staff member to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful in all areas.

The treatment room was located within a beauty salon called Belle Cour, this was slightly confusing, but with a little help from locals and staff I was able to locate the salon and treatment room for my appointment. Improvements on signage have since been made to help make the treatment room easier to find.

iLuvo utilise the latest and greatest in Laser Hair Removal technology, known as, Soprano ICE Platinum laser system. The system delivers a tri-diode technology that helps to treat all hair types and skin types as well as offering a completely pain-free solution. At worst, I felt a slight tingling sensation.

In all, I attended eight appointments, I am now completely hair free on my chest and experience just the odd one or two hair re-growths. A quick, painless, follow-up appointment once every 12 months helps to maintain a good maintenance and keep the area completely hair free.

All in all, I must say that I am extremely grateful for the services offered by iLuvo and specifically Lulu (my therapist). She was extremely professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about all topics related to beauty and hair removal. I would highly recommend that everyone considering hair removal, considers iLuvo as their first choice for Hair Removal.