Gift Vouchers

We are pleased to announce that we are now selling Gift Vouchers. Why not treat your loved ones to our specialist laser treatments and hair removal services for their birthday? or some other special occasion. Click the button below to purchase a Gift Voucher today!

Vouchers can be purchased for a fixed package with cost hidden. Or you can purchase cash-value vouchers to be spent within our shop on any of the services we have on offer. Gift Vouchers are not refundable and are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

If you have any further questions, or can’t find a voucher for a specific treatment package that you would like to purchase, please email our team on and we will create a new voucher item for you to purchase.

Gift Vouchers are now available at iLuvo!
Gift Vouchers Available

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Are gift vouchers refundable?

No, gift vouchers are non-refundable and hold no “real” cash value.

How long are gift vouchers valid for?

All gift vouchers are valid for a period of 12-months from the date of purchase.

Can I hide the value of the voucher?

Yes, rather than purchasing a “Cash Value” voucher, you can purchase a voucher for a specific package or service. These vouchers do no show the monetary value (cost) of the voucher purchased. If there is no voucher on display for the treatment you would like to purchase, please contact our team on and we will add the item for you to purchase.

Will you be adding more vouchers?

Yes, we will add more vouchers over the coming months. However, if you have a specific requirement and need one sooner than that, please contact our team and we will add the voucher requirement to the system.

Are vouchers electronic? or physical?

All vouchers are issued electronically via email. These can be delivered directly to the person you are gifting the voucher to via email. Or, you can deliver the voucher to your own email, then print and hand this voucher to the recipient.