Laser Hair Removal Price List

Below is the table of our current price list for laser hair removal within iLuvo. These prices are subject to change and we regularly run special offers which can be viewed on our special offers page. Click here to view our current special offers. All treatments listed below are using the industry leading hair removal technology, the Soprano IC

If you are considering a hair removal treatment please note that we offer a free no obligation consultation and patch test. This is a great way for you to experience how painless the process is and how good the results are. Why wait – click the button below. We will call you back at your convenience or try calling us (click the number at the top of the page – we are here 10am to 8pm EVERY day).

Treatment1 Sessions (0% off)3 Sessions (45% off)6 Sessions (50% off)9 Sessions (55% off)
Upper Lip / Sideburns / Chin / Tummy Line£60£99£180£243
Bikini Line / Underarms / Lip and Chin£100£165£300£405
Half Legs (not including feet or toes)£130£215£390£527
Full Arms / Female Full Back£180£300£540£729
Female Chest & Abdomen£180£300£540£729
Full Legs / Male Full Back£220£365£660£891
Male Chest & Abdomen£220£365£660£891
Full Legs (including feet & toes)£260£430£780£1053
Half Legs Upper or Lower (including feet & toes)£160£265£480£648
Full Face / Hollywood & Perianal£160£265£480£648
Brazilian & Perianal£160£265£480£648
Nose / Ears / Middle Eyebrow / Fingers / Toes£50£85£150£203
Half Back / Chest / Abdomen£120£200£360£486
Buttocks (female)£120£200£360£486
Neck (front/back) / Cheeks / Feet£70£115£210£284
Perianal / Areola / Jawline£70£115£210£284
Half Arms, Hands & Fingers£100£165£300£405
Half Face / Shoulders£100£165£300£405
Half Back / Chest / Abdomen (Male)£130£215£390£527
Buttocks (Male)£130£215£390£527
NIR Skin Tightening (Face & Neck)From £90From £240From £450From

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