The Re-launch of iLuvo Website

Welcome to the re-launch of iLuvo website. Our original website, launched in August of 2018 and was deemed temporary whilst we concentrated development on a more functional and feature rich website to suit our long-term aims. Our new iLuvo Website launched in April 2019, to offer improved information and enhanced services. We hope very much that you will find our new website more informative, helpful, and accessible. We value all feedback so please be sure to leave us some feedback by clicking here or sending a message to our Customer Services team by clicking here.

iLuvo Logo
iLuvo Corporate Logo

Our corporate logo and branding remains unchanged, we felt that a newer, more efficient website would greatly benefit our customers and this was our primary focus during this time.

An image of iLuvo's main Laser Treatment Room located within Belle Cour Beauty Salon
iLuvo Laser Treatment Room

A warm, welcoming, clean and pleasant environment utilising the latest technology and leading cosmetic brands for an unrivalled experience. Why not try our services risk free now? Call us or use our online booking system to book yourself a no obligation, expense free, consultation and patch test with our experienced, friendly, and professional staff.

iLuvo Laser Treatment Room
iLuvo Laser Treatment Room

Our treatment bed and the Soprano ICE Platinum laser system ready to serve our next loyal customer.

What for the future?

What lies in our future? Further expansion, newer technology, new premises, we are committed to providing the best possible services possible to our customers, new and old.