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Our New Website

Today, 6th April 2019, we had the pleasure of launching our brand new iLuvo Website. The launch of our new website will enable us to reach new audiences, offer improved digital services and communication. In this article, we take a look at some of the new features and functionality of the new home for iLuvo. New Home Page As part of the new design, we included a new immersive and aesthetically pleasing front home page. The design includes a sliding animated visual slideshow browsing through some of the features and functionality of our new site. It also includes a new…

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Unwanted Hair Removal – Soprano ICE Platinum Laser

The Soprano ICE Platinum laser hair removal system is the leading technology in laser hair removal for removal of unwanted hair. The Soprano ICE Platinum differs from competition with its three diode laser head which delivers a pain free, highly effective, and highly efficient service. It’s because of this technology that we can offer a service which surpasses all other unwanted hair removal technologies. The tri-diode laser head that the Soprano ICE Platinum Laser Hair Removal system delivers. The head combines the three different laser wavelengths into a single applicator that enables practitioners to achieve better efficiency and highest coverage…

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The Re-launch of iLuvo Website

Welcome to the re-launch of iLuvo website. Our original website, launched in August of 2018 and was deemed temporary whilst we concentrated development on a more functional and feature rich website to suit our long-term aims. Our new iLuvo Website launched in April 2019, to offer improved information and enhanced services. We hope very much that you will find our new website more informative, helpful, and accessible. We value all feedback so please be sure to leave us some feedback by clicking here or sending a message to our Customer Services team by clicking here. Our corporate logo and branding…

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